"HOHN" Organ Healing Massage

If  you suffer from 3 or of more these symptoms:   Fatigue, Stress, Nervousness, Depression, Anxiety, Trouble Sleeping, Headache, Poor circulation  Joint & muscle pain, Excess weight, Weak Immune system, High blood pressure, Fat in the liver  Diabetes, Poor bladder function, Digestive difficulties, Constipation, P.M.S., Skin trouble             We recommend an HOHN Organ healing massage! 

Twelve years of chronic  constipation that  medical doctors were unable to cure was relieved after a few abdominal  healing sessions. 

The process was completely pain free,

and I much prefer coming to see Master Ki than visiting a medical doctor. ”    

                                                                                                                              -Ken B. of Boulder

Master Ki has and is helping me tremendously, and the greatest part is that he also is helping me to help myself daily. This is so much better than going to the doctor, acupuncture, chiropractor, etc. 

He has taken me from where I started (which was very weak and with fatigue) to now, where every day I do exercises (more and more) and meditation.

lost 8 pounds in just two months without any dieting. 

I am developing greater body awareness and greater communication between my body and mind as I become stronger, healthier, and excited about my future.               


                                                                                                                - Sandy. W of Longmont

My high blood pressure  was  significantly lowered after sessions of  abdominal massage”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       - Carol K. of Longmont

“I started Organ Healing in order to negate the side  effects, such as severe chronic constipation, of having a brain stem stroke about eight years  ago. After my first visit with Master Ki,my chronic constipation  was relieved.

I began  experiencing an overall  increase in energy and stamina.”  

 “ The way Ki  focuses in on mind, body and spirit integration was something I had never experienced before. I had been to both massage therapy   and acupuncture but neither focused on my  organs, and only focused on my external muscles.”   

                                                                                                                       - Karen.Y. of Boulder

I have been a client of Master Ki for five weeks . He has been treating me for anxiety, difficulty in sleeping, pain, and stomach cramps. His method of massage and adding new exercises each session have already had great results.  Each massage makes a big difference and the exercises are challenging, but you feel great doing them and they produce a great feeling of relaxation and you are gaining in strength.  Master Ki's quiet confidence gives me hope that my success will continue and I would greatly recommend him anyone who needs help.                                                                                                                                    - Joe W. of Longmont

Master Ki is truly a master of working with energy and meditation. I have been meditation and working with energy for 30years.I have never found a teacher so adept at  understanding the movement of energy.

Master Ki is able to instruct each person individually at their own pace, in order to open  deeper levels of meditation. Master Ki’s work effects so many levels.

I notice my health improves, my mind gets clearer, my life simplifies.

Working with Master Ki is life changing.

We are so fortunate that he is willing to share his wisdom and gifts”  


                                                                                                       -Mary Anne. B, L. Ac of Boulder

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HOHN Organ Healing Massage

3216 Arapahoe Ave.Boulder CO 80303

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